Excel Geomatics along with its partners, provide following services-

Aerial Triangulation

Aerial Triangulation of Aerial Photographs and Satellite Stereo-pairs is done both
using GPS-IMU/RPC files with or without Ground Control Points.

Both Automatic and manual AT is performed as desired by different clients.

3D Cartography

We have team, experienced in capturing planimetric features at regional to large
scales ranging from 1:5000 to 1:480.
Number of features ranges from 30 to as high as 240.

DSM, DTM and Contour Creation

Excel Geomatics provide

a) Auto correlated DSM, after hydrographic re-enforcement
b) DTM, representing the ‘Bare Earth’
c) Contours after smoothening
d) Manual Contours (Stream Contours)

Ortho-rectification, Mosaic & Color Balancing

Aerial images are orthorectified using EO parameters and DTM.

This is done either using inputs provided by the client or by performing AT and
creating DTM, in-house.

Color balancing, Seam-line creation, manual seam-line editing, mosaic creation, and
tiling are followed by ‘digital retouch’ to create quality output.

Ortho-rectification, Mosaic & Color Balancing

Excel Geomatics has got the capability to generate ‘True Ortho photo’ using Digital
Surface Models and multiple images with more 80% of overlap. It is ensured that
after True-Ortho rectification

The process of True Ortho-rectification is followed by the process of color balancing
and digital retouch to create a seamless and visually pleasing output.
Mostly Tiling is also performed to ease data handling.